Greg Muender

Greg Muender is the founder of Whttl , described as the “ for the sharing economy.” Use it to compare dozens of different providers and marketplaces at once, including RelayRides, DogVacay, and HomeJoy. Drop Greg a line via gregwhttl/dot/com. For further reading, check out the Official Whttl Blog.

Greg Muender in Life In Review

1,000 Trips Later: Confessions Of A Lyft Driver

I’m exactly five weeks into launching my startup, and my cofounder and I are still very much bootstrapping. My auto lender and landlord don’t accept equity, bitcoin, or high-fives as currency, so I’ve got to bring in cash in creative ways. Lyft driving in San Francisco is my interim solution, and I’ve racked up over 1,000 ... Continue reading ›

Ernest Barbaric

Ernest Barbaric

Ernest Barbaric is a soon-to-be-dad, artist, podcaster, teacher and digital marketer. He works with values-driven organizations and entrepreneurs, and helps them build online authority, increase qualified inbound traffic, improve conversions and develop brand awareness. Ernest's work has been featured in Mashable, Forbes, Canadian Business, Social Media Today, The Financial Post, USA Today and Alberta Venture, amongst others. In 2010, he founded the Social Media for Business certificate program at Mount Royal University, and in 2014 he designed and developed the Digital Marketing Online Certificate for the Canadian Marketing Association.

Ernest Barbaric in View from the Top

Highs and lows of a 7-year entrepreneurship journey

I know some of you are considering starting businesses. This morning I felt inspired to write this and hope this is the right place and time to share it: About 7 years ago I was fired. My sales manager at the time called me into his office where I met him and an HR rep who flew ... Continue reading ›

Tomas Laurinavicius

Tomas is an adventurous designer & entrepreneur from Lithuania. World traveler. Founder of Despreneur (, ( and co-author of Mobile Design Book(

Tomas Laurinavicius in Life In Review

How I Learned to Work & Travel Anywhere

Digital Nomad Lifestyle. What, How and Why? A lot of people keep asking me what I do for living, how and why I do it. In today’s post I’d like to discuss an idea of working and traveling at the same time. It may not be new for people who call themselves digital nomads or simply ones ... Continue reading ›

Matt Staff

Matt Staff

Matt’s a ginormous red head with a seemingly insatiable appetite for writing a whole bunch of words on paper that in turn go up on here to invoke a whole lotta’ thoughts from you as a reader. He lives for the awkward moments, five star pad thai with a side of anything written by Ernest Hemmingway, taking too many selfies with his mother’s cat Leo and puppy Ellie whenever he visits home, and when he dies, he’s requested to be buried in a mountain of maple bars.

Matt Staff in Life In Review

Calling All 20-Somethings: Observe Your Digital Habits This Year

I’m a weary traveler. Vagabond. Depraved, misbehaved, delinquent. I gave up on love when I realized there’s no gold at the end of the rainbow. I read too many hopelessly hopeful, fairy-tale ending, romantically driven stories in and throughout my youthful, developmental days – still developing, still reading ‘em. Maybe I lend myself, recklessly over to this ... Continue reading ›

Zach Schwartz

Zach Schwartz is a writer and entrepreneur from Cleveland, Ohio. He Tweets at @zach_two_times. He is the co-founder of LightHouse Ohio, the country’s first entrepreneurial accelerator for high school students.

Zach Schwartz in Life In Review

I Rioted with OSU After They Won the National Championship

As the clock wound down in the fourth quarter, I began to feel emotional. I had never watched a team I rooted for go all the way to the championship and win it. After all, I’m from Cleveland—we have the longest professional sports championship drought in America. And I love Columbus—my parents went to Ohio State. ... Continue reading ›

Tyler Tervooren

Tyler Tervooren

Tyler Tervooren is a writer and creator residing in Portland, Or. He is also the founder of  Advanced Riskology. Find him on Twitter @tylertervooren.

Tyler Tervooren in Life In Review

How to Instantly Add 8.2 Years and $133,369 to Your Life

It’s pretty amazing how much difference one little change can make in your life when you commit and stick to it. Just like tucking a little money away each month when you’re young can leave you with a small fortune at retirement that you hardly had to work for, the compound interest from other little life ... Continue reading ›

Konrad Stoick

Konrad Stoick

Konrad is the Editorial Director at PRSUIT. He also fancies himself a musician, comedian, and fitness enthusiast. The arsonist has oddly shaped feet.

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Turning Your Inspiration into Action

A Note from PRSUIT Editorial Director Konrad Stoick In September of last year, I ran out of things to say. I also started to feel like pontificating from the podium of web-written articles was not always the best way to communicate my ideas. Though my intentions were always to help and inspire others, it felt like my articles had devolved ... Continue reading ›

Jack Jones

Jack Jones

Jack is the founder of He is getting a little better, day by day, at CrossFit Audacity.

Jack Jones in Life In Review

The Transformation of a Nerdy Asian Gamer

I for one would rather die young in the pursuit of my dreams than die old, comfortable, and unfulfilled. Will you choose the safe path of a slow death, or risk it all for your heart’s desire? Even now I can remember the feeling of despondency as I lay in bed. I just knew that I would ... Continue reading ›